Kayak the River and Hike the Falls

Water, Water, Everywhere!  A great 2-day adventure tour featuring two of the wettest and most beautiful parts of the Jim Thorpe area:  the amazing Glen Onoko waterfall hike and a kayak trip on the the bottom (3rd) section of the Lehigh River Gorge.  One day we'll ascend the challenging waterfall trail in Glen Onoko, with its 4 main falls and plethora of cascades, enjoying the cold water as it splashes down from above us.  There's a surprising amount of history and legend involved in the Glen Onoko hike, which is only told by JTX. Your guide recommends all the best ways to climb the Glen, keeping you in the safest spots on the way up and the way down, and takes great photos of your group along the way!

Day 2 involves an eight-mile kayak trip down the Lehigh River, where the water is all around under us (instead of falling on us like yesterday!) and we might just decide to take a dip if the weather is right.  Your JTX guide points you to all the right spots as you navigate your kayak downstream, and picks the best spots for a snack break or a rest.  You will be interested in the amazing engineering history of the Lehigh Canal, some of which parallels the river, and if you're up for it we can take a short walk to see some remaining canal and towpath.  After our aqua-venture, a pre-arranged shuttle brings us back to Jim Thorpe!  Everything is included in this trip - the kayak, paddle, flotation vest, snack, water, shuttle and guide.  (Eat a hearty meal prior to the kayak trip!)

This kayak tour is available from May to October for groups of 3 or more, weather and river conditions permitting.

Reserve this 2-day tour well in advance to insure availability.  If you want to do these two activities in one day, that can be planned, too, but is a long and strenuous day.  A good day, nonetheless!

 EQUIPMENT: All hikers are expected to wear appropriate clothing and (most importantly) sturdy footwear such as hiking shoes or sneakers with lugged soles.  Tennis or basketball shoes, or any flat-soled shoes, are NOT recommended.  Please also plan to bring a pack with water, snacks, sunscreen, bug repellent, camera, any necessary medical supplies, etc.  Tell your JTX tour guide if you need to borrow a pack - we have several sizes available.


** Note that although this tour is available certain sets of days, there is one tour given per day - it may not be this one: the first reservation is what determines the day’s tour. Call to find out what tour is going on a specific day, or if you’re planning ahead, reserve the trip you want to take!

Serene pools allow for reflection and/or camaraderie while on the river.
Onoko Falls is the biggest of the 4 major falls, and a welcome cooling break on a hot day!
The Lehigh River has many sections of rapids to navigate, but is not overly dangerous.
Cascade Falls is #3 out of 4 on the way up Glen Onoko.
Enjoy a unique bonding experience - for parents/teens, sisters, friends, etc
Reveling in an awesome moment at Cave Falls
3m hike; 8m kayak
$139 pp
9 hours over 2 days

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Tour Features

  • Difficult Tour
  • Difficult Hiking
  • Moderate Kayaking
  • Views/Vista
  • History
  • Shuttle Provided
  • Snack Included