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Call us at: 484.225.1209          All JTX tours should be booked in advance; short-notice or same-day calls cannot be guaranteed availability.  Call to book your adventure while you are in the planning stages of your visit.


This feature is available for certain tours, click-through to the calendar and follow the process.  Note that when you finalize a booking, you will pay only a booking fee.  The price of the tour is paid when you do the tour, regardless of whether you pay cash or credit.

If you try to book on-line, there are three instances where you may not be able to book the tour you want:

1. if there is another tour already booked that day

2. if there are no JTX tours at all, going that day, due to other commitments

3. if it's too close to (or too far from) the date you're looking for.  Most tours require at least 72-hours notice for booking, yet also cannot be booked more than 45 days in advance.


Remember you can always CALL to discuss tour options: 484-225-1209

Our Location: The Jim Thorpe eXperience 37 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229


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